The conference will start on September 9th (morning) and will end on September 13th (morning). Wednesday afternoon will be free.
A poster session will be scheduled aside of the main activities starting from September 10th.
Plenary lectures will take place in Sala Consiglio di Facoltà. Lectures in parallel sessions will take place either in Sala Consiglio di Facoltà or in Aula 7.

Download the schedule here.

Titles and abstracts

Download the book of abstracts here.

  • Christian Bär: Counterintuitive approximations.
  • Gérard Besson: Ricci, scalar and beyond.
  • Francesco Bonsante: Unbounded convex sets in hyperbolic space.
  • Reto Buzano: Bubbling analysis for closed and free-boundary minimal hypersurfaces.
  • Olivier Biquard: Renormalized volume for ALE Ricci-flat 4-manifolds.
  • Gilles Carron: Gromov-Hausdorff compactness within a conformal class.
  • Eleonora Di Nezza: Metric geometry of singularity types.
  • Anna Fino: Closed G_2-structures and Laplacian flow.
  • Alexander Lytchak: Infinite geodesics on convex surfaces.
  • Andrea Malchiodi: Prescribing Morse scalar curvatures in high dimension.
  • Carlo Mantegazza : Evolution by curvature of networks in the plane.
  • Luciano Mari: On the 1/H flow via p-Laplace approximation under Ricci lower bounds.
  • Vladimir Matveev: Nijenhuis Geometry: singularities and global issues.
  • Pablo Mira: Weingarten spheres in homogeneous three-manifolds.
  • Andrea Mondino: Optimal transport and quantitative geometric inequalities.
  • Stefano Montaldo: Higher order energy functionals.
  • Giovanni Moreno: Invariant second-order PDEs on homogeneous contact manifolds.
  • Barbara Nelli: The topology of constant mean curvature surfaces with convex boundary.
  • Lorenzo Nicolodi: Pseudospherical Helicoids in the Large.
  • Pawel Nurowski: Rolling without slipping or twisting and G2.
  • Joaquín Pérez: Constant mean curvature surfaces of finite index.
  • Stefano Pigola: Subsolutions at infinity of nonlinear PDEs: decay, compact support and global Sobolev regularity.
  • Giuseppe Pipoli: Invariant translators of the Heisenberg group.
  • Tristan Rivière: Immersed 2-spheres in R^3 : A Morse theoretic perspective.
  • Magdalena Rodríguez: Constant mean curvature surfaces in H2xR.
  • Dietmar Salamon: Moment maps in symplectic and Kaehler geometry.
  • Alessandro Savo: Morse index and topology of minimal hypersurfaces and self-shrinkers.
  • Carlo Sinestrari: Curvature flows and isoperimetric inequalities.
  • Luigi Vezzoni: The quantitative Alexandrov Theorem.
  • Guofang Wei: Fundamental gap estimate on convex domains of sphere.